**Online Business Training for Busy Muslim Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Consultants**

How I Started My Online Business as a Full-time Working Professional, and Replaced My Income by Just Sharing What I Already Knew With Others Online

without compromising on Islamic Values

(this can work for you even if you have no audience, are not confident in your work and no one knows who you are!)

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What you will learn

✔️ How I went from being a ‘nobody’ with zero previous business experience, and zero audience to replacing my income as a doctor and becoming a Faith-empowered online entrepreneur serving a growing online community of 50,000+ Muslims

✔️ Why you don’t need to be an expert already or get certifications...but instead, I'll teach you how to leverage what you already know to book clients each month with honesty and integrity who are happy to pay you $1K-$5k!

✔️ The only online business model that is perfect for you if you’re already busy and working full-time, and how to ultimately transition from side hustling to working only 2-4 hours a day while still serving hundreds of people!

✔️Specific examples of genuine Muslims just like you who are leveraging their knowledge and experience with our methods to find incredible success online…and how you can copy the steps I took to make your online entrepreneurial dream a reality in the next 90 days.

✔️ AND... how to do ALL of this by using your full potential to do valuable work for others who actually need it, creating life-changing transformations for your clients, and serving your community with authenticity and excellence.

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