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Turn Your Knowledge, Interests, & Potential into A Mission Focused Online Business That Impacts the Ummah

Empowered Muslim Entrepreneur is the Only All-In-One Coaching + Accountability + Done With You Implementation Program that makes it nearly impossible for you to Start your Mission-driven Online Business & Brand, Without Quitting Your Job

We combine the A-to-Z curriculum videos & proven Muslim entrepreneur playbooks, with 1:1 coaching, group mentorship, private community support, and done-with-you support to design & launch your program, & consistently promote your offer through thought-leadership content, so you’re never overwhelmed, stuck, or confused on what to do next.

I'll personally work with you to:

1. Design Your Free + Paid Offers Ecosystem for Maximum Impact of Your Mission

2. Validate Your Idea with First Clients

3. Build Your Expertise Authentically towards Excellence

4. Create, Package, Sell, & Deliver Your Unique Implementation Coaching Program Consistently

5. Grow the Reach of Your Mission & Serve the Muslim Community by Sharing Your Knowledge for Free Through High-Value Content, Courses & Coaching


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Have a question or want to discuss your goals and expectations and see what is the best way for us to work together?

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OR, Email me at, I’m happy to chat with you and answer all your questions!


Hey, I’m Aimen Saifullah, a Former Doctor turned Online Entrepreneur.

Just a few short years ago, I was working as a doctor and getting ready to start residency in the uk when I just secretly peeked into the online space to see what could be possible. 

I quickly realized that having an online mission-driven brand was my way out of a limiting career.

Being an Online Entrepreneur was the best way for me to live my purpose as a Muslim, use the maximum potential Allah SWT has given me to influence the Ummah towards Islam, and earn a halal income by creating digital products + services that solve problems for Muslims.

I decided to commit to turning my vision into a mission-driven online brand + business on the side of my 9-5.

Just me, my brain, my life experiences, and a laptop. And it changed my life forever. 

Within a couple of years, I was able to build an online audience of over 20K email subscribers (deleted more than 10K by mistake!), 50-80K monthly blog visitors, a million monthly reach, and 32K followers on Pinterest - all without revealing my face or posting about my life on social media. Just by building honest relationships, and consistently providing genuine value to people through my content. 

As I started getting requests from my readers and previous productivity coaching clients to share how I started and continue to grow Muslim Empowerment, I knew so many more Muslims could benefit from this.


I created this done-with-you coaching experience because I’m obsessed with helping Muslim professionals, who want to leave the 9-5 life one day and work on their mission full-time, to serve the Ummah with their knowledge, passion & full potential.

I believe anyone (but not everyone!) can turn their knowledge and expertise into a meaningful online brand and business with the right guidance, and support.


I hope to see your name on the waitlist!

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